Arolsen Archives spearheads a significant international project focused on retrieving mementos, jewelry, photographs, and documents that were tragically confiscated by the Nazis from their victims upon arrest.

Among the victims, we remember individuals such as Johannes, István, Helena, Claire, and Zakhariy, whose personal belongings were taken and revered. Arlosen Archives search for the victims families and return these items to them.
On this project, I worked as Creative Director & Lead Motion Designer.
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Awwards and Animation Festivals: ADC Germany Grandprix 2021 (Won), Grimme Online Award 2021 (Won), ADC of Europe (Won, Silver), Motion Design Awards (video of the day), FLIPBOOK FILM FESTIVAL, Thessaloniki Free Short Festival, Festival del Cinema di Cefalù, CLIT, ISFF Detmold, Supertoon, Miami Jewish Film Festival, PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film Festival, Lift-Off Global network Sessions 2021, Kaboom Animation Festival, FILMZ - Festival des deutschen Kinos, 5th Chaniartoon.   
Leo Rey – Creative Director, Lead Motion Designer
Andres Alarcon – Illustrator & Storyboarder
Cristina Tarpo-Wittich – Script and Copywriter for the animation series and the Website
Dulcie Smart – Voice Over Artist (represented by Speaker Search), English version
Fabian Fenk – Support Sound Designer
Francesca La Vigna – Project Manager films
Kika Klat – Art Director for the films & Lead Illustrator
Luise Lunow – Voice Over Artist, German version
Meng Chang – Motion Designer & Support Illustrator
Nikolaus Radeke – Sound Technician and voice recording
Peter Becker – Voice Over Artist (Speaker Search), both versions
Peter Eglitis – Voice Over Artist (Speaker Search), English version
Qian Hao – Motion Designer
Lena Zagora – Motion Designer, Support Illustrator & Storyboarder
Roland Hemmo – Voice Over Artist, German version
Toby Mory – Motion Director & Team Lead Motion, Producer
Uwe Bossenz – Music & Sound Designer
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