​​​​​​​Artworks from the Modern era tell a story about their lives in the museum and beyond.
From art, we can learn a lot about history. Not only from a specialized art historical perspective (movements, eras, techniques, and styles) but also about events and phenomena that shape us all. It provides us with a magnifying glass and a compass with which we can perceive and understand social changes even more sharply. To promote the exhibition 'Summer of Modernism' at the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Münster.
On this project, I worked as Creative Director & Lead Motion Designer.
Leo Rey – Creative Director, Lead Motion Designer
Michael Bukowski – Script and Copywriter for the animation series and the Website
Francesca La Vigna – Project Manager films
Karolin Nusa – Art Director  & Lead Illustrator
Meng Chang – Motion Designer & Support Illustrator
Nikolaus Radeke – Sound Technician and voice recording
Maren Kling – Voice Over Artist 
Long Huy Dao – Motion Designer
Toby Mory – Motion Director & Team Lead Motion, Producer
Philipp Koller – Music & Sound Designer
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