Arolsen Archives YouTube and TikTok Channel Under the banner of „Geschichte ist jetzt” / "History is now," invite younger generations to explore the Nazi era with the hashtag #everynamecounts. This initiative reminds us that our past influences our present, as issues like racism, antisemitism, discrimination, and exclusion persist today. 
The goal is to foster an inclusive society through open dialogue and awareness. The channel features a series titled "Nazi German for Beginners," where Victoria Müller delves into the origins and dangers of words used by anti-democratic forces. This project highlights the importance of understanding our history and its impact on the world we live in today.
On this project, I worked on the On Air Design as Lead Motion Designer and Illustrator
Leo Rey – Illustrator, Lead Motion Designer​​​​​​​
Daniel Becker – Producer
Toby Mory – Co-Producer
Kasper Zwaaneveld – Art Director
Carla Westermeyer – Graphic Designer
Sebastian Minke – Editorial, Concept, Director, and Producer 
Till Casper Juon – Camera and Post-Production 
Regine Hähnel – Editorial Support 
Christian Büchler (Social Ninja) – Director, Producer & Content Manager
Jannis Riemann – Camera and Post-Production
Dominik Campus – Composer & Sound Designer
Uwe Bossenz – Composer & Sound Designer
Daniele Godor – Project Manager
Francesca La Vigna – Project Manager
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